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The New Donut ...


The original taste is simply the best! Taste the plain waffle like they eat it in Belgium or dipped into real Belgian chocolate, add some home-made whipped cream, fresh fruits or other colorful toppings.


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Sweet Belgium is a family-owned and operated Belgian waffle bakery and catering business, proudly located in Charleston SC. 


The company was founded by Sergio and Audrey Tosi, a Belgian couple freshly arrived in beautiful Charleston in 2016 to share their love for the authentic sweet treat called « la gaufre ».


Sweet Belgium proudly uses only the finest ingredients and traditional methods to produce exceptional Belgian waffles, with an endless array of toppings to meet each customer's unique preferences.


But waffles are just the beginning.  While in Belgium, the Tosi's ran a successful catering, event planning, and cooking class business... and are looking forward to bringing that world-class service to the Charleston-area market.

Make your event special

Bring an original taste to your event !

Our Belgian treats can be savored everywhere with friends, family or colleagues.


Simply the best for ... Wedding, Graduation party, Birthday party, Baby shower, family gathering, or corporate seminars. 

Sweet Belgium can offer the perfect and delicious original sweet taste that will make the difference.

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Yes, we deliver!

Check out our menu and hit the "order now" button to send us your request.

$10 delivery cost for James Island, Downtown Charleston, and a part of West Ashley

$15 delivery cost for Mount Pleasant and West Ashley

$20 delivery cost for Daniel Island and John Island

You live outside Charleston? Not a problem...

Yes, we ship all over US!


How much?

$27 for a dozen plain waffles (3") + shipping cost*

$26 for a dozen "combo" (3"), 6 plain and 6 glazed + shipping cost*

$30 for a dozen glazed waffles (3") + shipping cost*

* Depending on your address, please note that these Fedex prices are approximative: for East coast, it may vary from $8 to $25 / for Central, it may vary from $20 to $30 / for West Coast, it may vary from $25 to $45

Send us your exact address and your order choice

and you will be receiving a quote within 24 hours. 



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Sergio and Audrey Tosi knew they wanted to pursue an entrepreneurial lifestyle, so they packed it all up with their kids and headed from Belgium to Charleston 2 years ago. Wanting to open something that was tied to their cultural roots, they founded Sweet Belgium, which is a (delicious) Belgian waffle bakery and catering business. In this episode, we talk about the challenges of starting a business here as a new transplant, the cultural differences they experience, and the importance of getting your location right. They now have two locations...

Play the podcast here

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Sweet Belgium’s Sergio and Audrey Tosi have always maintained that their waffles are primed to unseat doughnuts, but with their new downtown location, they’ll have the chance to put their treats up against biscuits.

Located at 424 King Street, just a block down from Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit, Sweet Belgium is selling the same plain and glazed waffles that have made the bakery so popular on James Island. The Tosis first opened in 2016, offering the deep-pocketed liege waffles they’d come to love in Belgium.

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Popular James Island waffle shop Sweet Belgium opened its second location in a sliver of a space at 424 King St. Owners Sergio Tosi and Audrey Marques have run the 327 Folly Rd. since 2016 and decided it was time to expand to downtown. Sweet Belgium serves traditional la gaufre found on the streets and in the shops of Belgium.

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What’s that? Sergio Tosi and Audrey Marques opened their Belgian waffle boutique last fall, selling hot waffles for $15 a dozen. Determined to displace doughnuts as James Islanders’ favored morning pastries, Tosi and Marques came up with a variety of flavored waffles that might not fly in the Old World, including coconut, orange and almond. At the shop, customers also can customize their waffles with melted chocolate, sprinkles, nuts and cookie bits.

Tiny Belgian waffles in Charleston

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People in Charleston are going nuts over these tiny Belgian waffles.  


Over 5.5 Million Views and 38,000 Shares!

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Sweet Belgium: A Waffle Experience


WAFFLES!!!!! I love waffles.  It is a guilty pleasure.  So, as I drive down Folly Road I would see a small sandwich board sign: Belgian Waffles and Coffee  – Turn now.  But I would always be driving too fast and the idea of turning around seemed silly.  But seeing this sign every time I drove by (which is all the time), I would crave these delectable treats that I had many years ago while in Brussels.    I craved them so badly that when I saw an imported package of 12 for sale at Costco I bought them.  They were ok but certainly not fresh and I can only imagine the chemical stabilizers to keep them fresh in transit and while on the shelf.  I guess if it were my only option I would be happy.  Since Sweet Belgium arrived on James Island… I don’t have to settle.

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A few months ago Sergio Tosi and his wife Audrey Marques sold their house, packed up their two kids, and left Belgium to embark on a Charleston adventure. Their quest: Give the Lowcountry real deal Belgium waffles. Thus James Island's new Sweet Belgium was born.

The small bakery sits at 327 Folly Road just beside Roper Hospital. There Tosi and Audrey make to-go plain and frosted waffle options, but their big goal is to make a go at the catering business.

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Sweet Belgium is a new place of interest to anyone on James Island who loves waffles.

I’m not talking about those waffles you buy in the frozen section at the grocery store. Frankly, even the waffles you can get at places that make them fresh all day long aren’t going to be able to compete with what Sweet Belgium has to offer.

Sweet Belgium’s waffles are excellent in consistency – crispy outside and chewy inside  – and incredibly flavorful. Perfect!

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By Hanna Raskin

Upholding a profitable tradition of sweetening Brussels-style waffles for American tastes, Sergio Tosi and Audrey Marques have devised a waffle for their new James Island bakery that they believe could win over longtime doughnut devotees.

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Sergio Tosi

Founder of Sweet Belgium,

Sales and Events

T: 843 642 6669

Audrey Marques

Marketing and Accounting

T: 843 642 6669

How to find us?

424 King Street, Charleston SC 29403

Located at the heart of downtown Charleston, on upper King Street,  

only 2 blocks away from Marion Square.

Monday to Thursday: 8:00 AM - 2:30 PM
Friday: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Saturday: 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Sunday: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

843 642 6669